Signs on the Brother Moe

Posted by ptodd on June 24, 2013 at 6:20 PM Comments comments (0)

I often wonder why God has me Sometimes driving A Short Bas with Christian Signs on it,

most of the time I must say it does keep me honest somewhat subdued, Calm in traffic,

(and On Cape Cod in the summertime with all the tourists ain't easy!) For me anyway just

being honest :-/

On occasion I've had people Screem derogatory remarks at me and the bus I would like to

tell you that I don't get angry but I do but it's what I do with that anger that make The

difference between defeat or victory ,

But there are the sweet times like thumbs-up & beeps On the highway peace Signs the

God bless you's And of course the Amen's Well today was no different Had a man let me

out in traffic and beeped at me followed me from Falmouth to Mashpee He drove over next

to me when he got the chance he told me he was a believer and used to ride a motorcycle

and asked if I would talk with him And signaled for me to pull over, So I did just that

Informed me that he was a believer & fallen on hard times That used to be a biker I

Informed him once biker Always a biker ! & That he was my brother We talked and the Holy

Spirit ministered We exchanged numbers and i invited him to Church & bunch of Christian

motorcycle functions So that he may get reconnected with Biker/Christian fellowship ,

It just goes to show that you never know where you'll be called to witness Today was

because of signs on the bus Who knows what tomorrow will bring only God Knows !


Just thought I'd share


Brother Moe