The Cross

The story of the Cross was an example of divine intervention.  The cross builder, Mr. Henry Andrew Hartley is from the  Hartley Sawmill in Rochester, MA. 

We happened to have two separate people in our group learn about the Sawmill, one through acquaintances and the other through divine leading.  Neither knowing about the other until, we heard that the Cross was being hand created specifically for FREEDOM BIKER'S NIGHT as an act of worship to the Lord.  "Glad to supply the makings of the cross. That makes me very happy. I think it's blessed assurance." Henry

God moves in mysterious ways.  This has been an annointed experience from the very beginning.  

Life House Church

Through Prayer and seeking the Lord we felt a strong leading that FREEDOM BIKER"S NIGHT be placed in Middleboro, for such as time as this.  Life House Church has graciously opened their doors and hearts for us to pursue God's calling on our lives to share the Good News with Bikers and anyone else who enters through the Open Doors on the first Friday of every month!

The Photo-Shoot was orchestrated by the hand of God.  

We prayed for the right time and location for our logo shoot.  We asked for a dramatic sky.  On the day that we had planned to photograph the cross the day was beautiful, clear, bright blue, sunny.  As we were headed to congregate for the shoot the skies darkened and threat of a severe thunderstorm was forecasted.  It indeed came through with torrents of rain - as the rain came down the sun began to shine through the horizon and a rainbow appeared in the sky.  Then a second rainbow, symbolic that "God keeps his promises!"  We discovered a mole had fallen into the hole that we were to use for uprighting the cross, so had to "save" him and "set him free" before proceeding.  The carrying of the cross was indeed an act of worship for the "Soldiers f the Cross."  who picked up the cross to follow Jesus.  A butterfly flittered about and around the cross through the entire shoot, symbolic of the new life we have in Christ Jesus.  "If anyone is in Christ; he is a new creation; the old has passed away and the new has come."             2 Corinthians 3:17   As we were taking pictures from below looking upward, as on the hill of Calvary, the sun broke through the clouds in a splended array and illuminated the cross.  The entire day was handpicked and ordained by the mighty hand of God.  To HIm be the Glory!

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"He who the Son sets FREE is TRULY FREE."  John 8:36